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Autumn is the best time of year to play FIVE5 Football at Speers Point.

The vibe is chill, the weather is just right and the on pitch action is fast, fun, for everyone. 

Why join the Autumn Leagues?

  • Struggling for fitness? Don’t worry. We’ve got all fitness levels covered with unlimited substitutions and shorter game length.

  • Haven’t kicked a ball in a while? All good. Football Five5 is suitable for all standards of players.

  • Don’t want to turn up to training? You don’t have to. Just get here and play!

  • With competitive leagues or social leagues, Football FIVE5 is the perfect way to stay fit or just have a kick with your mates.



  • Rego closes: Tuesday 27 February 2024

  • Start: Monday 4 March 2024

  • End: Thursday 20 June 2024


  • Two 20 minute halves

  • Five a side

  • Unlimited subs


  • $90 weekly match fee per team

  • No up front costs


  • From 6:15pm

  • Monday - Thursday (Men + Women)

  • Tuesday - Wednesday (Mixed)


  • Competitive leagues

  • Social leagues

  • Mens, womens and mixed leagues

  • 17+ minimum age


  • Home of Five5

  • Lake Macquarie Regional Football Facility

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Fall into fine weather and a laid back league 

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