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Fast FIVE5 at Speers Point is an action-packed, modified game of football where players make quick decisions and have fun with their mates.

This competition encourages kids to develop their football skills and provides more opportunities on the pitch in a friendly environment. Your kids will improve their agility and fitness playing in this fast-paced, five-a-side competition.

Why should your kids play Fast FIVE5?

  • Fast FIVE5 encourages all younger players to develop their football skills and have more opportunities to play.

  • Fast FIVE5 is a demanding game environment requiring players to make quicker decisions and respond with quicker actions.

  • Players will improve their agility and fitness through fast-paced five-a-side.


  • Start: Friday 14 October 2022

  • End: Saturday 10 December 2022


  • Two 10 minute halves

  • Two matches per week

  • Five a side

  • Maximum 8 per team

  • Unlimited subs


  • $100 per player (100% redeemable with the Active Kids Voucher) 


  • U10/11s Friday evenings

  • U6/7 & U8/9 Saturday mornings


  • U6/7

  • U8/9

  • U10/11

  • Mixed, boys & girls


  • Home of FIVE5

  • Lake Macquarie Regional Football Facility

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Why should the adults have all the fun?